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About Us

VMSMASTER., head quartered in California, the modern industrial town in Sacramento, with Having Offices in Barcelona, Morocco, Paris, India, New York and Los Angles, is today North Americas most respected manufacturer of electronic LED products for industries, universities, schools, brokerage firms, capital firms, banks etc.

We specialize in designing, researching, manufacturing and selling all kinds of led displays and it's kind of products. You can count on us for our good quality and competitive pricing among our competitors. Moreover, our products are user friendly as well as face the most stringent evaluation techniques before being allowed for sale on the shop floor. They go through a series of checks before they get certified as being fool-proof and ready to use. Our engineers have years of experience working in this industry and bring forth this in manufacturing of products and devices. The products are aesthetically designed and secured to withstand any electrical faults, weather or leakages.

The products are guaranteed to last a lifetime without causing any trouble or issue. We are honored to introduce our offerings and want to assure you that we are the best among the market. Our name is synonymous with quality, reliability and trust which will reflect in our relationship with you. Photonplay is a pioneer that will help you choose only the best with proven value products. Our experience is a backbone that you can rely upon for any electronic product that you might be looking to buy in the market. With our extended relations and references you are sure to benefit in terms of picking up the best electronic products at the most affordable prices.

We have built long-term business relationship with the customers in North America, South America, Canada, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Bahrain, Korea, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Vietnam, Israel, Kuwait, Iran, Romania and so on. We guarantee all our products for one years and provide lifetime maintenance. We provide an excellent after-sales support service. We do not compromise on quality and trust among our customers making us one of the most trusted brands in electronics industry.