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LED Mobile Variable Message Signs

Mobile Variable Message Signs (Mobile VMS)

Variable message signs are electronic sign boards which are mostly seen beside roads or highways. In that board various direction and information are displayed to the pedestrian. The mobile variable message signs (Mobile vms) are one type of VMS which provide information to the driver about events or road condition. The signs can be changed remotely with the help of a sensor from a control office.

At VMSMaster, we can provide you with whatever you are looking for to ensure road safety and informed driving. We are technology driven, and we provide an affordable solution to your Variable Message Displaying needs. It is our specialisation.

The Origin of VMS Displays

There is a huge difference between traditional message boards and mobile vms; for example take about a  snowy day, it is very difficult to read message signs from a long distance in traditional boards but when it comes to mobile vms the Led illumination is better so that it can easily be read from a distance.

By looking at mobile vms a driver can easily get a lot of information. It also displays alternative routes to reach destination. Now mobile variable message sign has been used widely in highways, roads, work in progress zone, or in a congested area. Mobile variable message sign can be truck mounted to display information around the city. Solar powered mobile vms are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Applications of VMS

Some applications of a variable message sign display are –

==> Display traffic information

==> Mark parking spots and no-parking zones

==> Display information like road closed and diversions

==> Display other information’s such as festivals and events

==> Display information’s about road accidents

==> Promotions

The Features Of Mobile Variable Message Sign

With our mobile VMS, one can update or can share information in real time. Mobile VMS comes with single, dual, full types of customised panel with multi-coloured options. For this, led mobile vms is used extensively. Customisable LED has the option to control it with great extension. Anti-glare lens should be used in mobile vms to prevent shining of VMS LED boards. Without antiglare lens the bright Mobile VMS can lead to accident of driver. Mobile variable message sign boards are made of aluminium or steel and covered by polycarbonate. These things make mobile vms tuff and durable and all-weather compatible.

Dynamic information display with VMS

We, at VMSMaster offer you Dynamic message sign board to display dynamic information; the information can also be updated in real time. The great thing about mobile variable message sign is just one time setup cost and little maintenance cost is needed. Not more than that.

There are a large number of portable mobile vms signs with extensive features. Portable message sign offers great portability and flexibility options. Variable message sign equipped with camera and smart software is definitely a unique combination. It gives you opportunity to track vehicle positioning, vehicle surveillance etc.


Now, if you are planning to buy mobile VMS, we at VMSMaster can be the best option for you in terms of pricing and services. As we have large number of VMS boards, you can choose freely among them according to you needs.