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Radar Speed Signs

Radar Speed Signs - MUDCO Approved Radar Speed Signs with Solar Compatibility

Driving on a freeway or a highway, a Radar Speed Sign is not an uncommon sight. It a simple device that shows the speed of a vehicle as it approaches the sign. This is done to make the driver of the vehicle aware of whether they are driving too fast or too slow in order to avoid accidents.

There are a number of manufacturers for speed signs, but none of them can deliver the quality and standard as VMSMaster. Specialising in Variable Message Signs and Radar Speed Signs, we have made and impact by providing and impact in end-to-end traffic calming solutions across the whole country.

Uses of Radar Speed Signs:

Radar speed signs are not only used to measure vehicular speed, but have military applications as well. Radar signs are based on the radar technology. This utilises radio waves and their property of being reflected from surfaces in order to determine the position and speed of the reflective surface. With repetitive use of radio waves even the rough shape and size of the reflective surface can be determined. That is why it is largely used in detecting submarines and flights, especially those which wander out of their perimeter without proper permit. So the radar signs are made on the same technology that the military trusts in.

Types of Driver Feedback Signs:

There are different types of Radar Speed Limit Signs that we at VMSMaster sell. Some of the variations are –

==> Pole mounted signs

==> Solar speed signs

==> Trailer mounted speed signs

==> Portable street signs

The most common one is a pole mounted sign, which cannot be moved to a different location. The alternative is a portable Radar Feedback Sign, which can be moved from one location to another. Also, the signs can be differentiated in terms of power supply. The direct current radar signs need a fixed power input line. The solar alternative is greener, and more portable. It is fitted with a solar panel on top and an optional power storage from which it derives power, and is very low maintenance.

Features of the Radar Feedback Signs:

The different features that you can get if you buy the speed display sign from us can vary depending on the price and level of sophistication. The very basis ones have a static message “YOUR SPEED” followed by one line LED display of your speed. The fancier ones have variable messages and multi-line LED displays. Also, features like analysis of the speed data for better traffic control is also available on some of them. There are many different series of Driver Feedback Signs that we at VMSMaster sell. Some of them are –

==> The portable series

==> The highway series

==> Work zone series

==> Street series

Each of these are applicable in different scenarios. There are some salient features of the different types.

Applications of Traffic Calming Signs:

The radar speed signs have huge applications. They are key to controlling traffic and avoiding accidents. Sometimes, the driver of a vehicle is unaware of the speed at which they are moving. In areas like school or hospitals, where people might not be extra cautious with the traffic, this can lead to serious accidents. Also on highways, uncontrolled driving and over-speeding can cause serious accidents. All these can be avoided with the use of Traffic Calming Signs. If the driver is aware of what speed they are travelling at, they would regulate their speed accordingly and drive safer avoiding accidents.

While driving on regular routes, people are often unaware of what exactly they are doing and work mechanically. To put it in other words, drivers while on regular routes do not worry much about their speed or about pedestrian crossings and schools on the way because they are used to the route. Radar Signs work as a trigger to make the drivers more aware of what they are doing. Through detailed study and analysis it has been figured out that if you give the driver a trigger and then a hint of what should actually be done, it can help. So a Speed Feedback Sign showing you there is a school ahead and you are over-speeding will actually make you go slower.

Speed Signs That Meet The Standards:

The Speed sign that you get is UL and CE compliant. This means that you do not have to worry about meeting standards. You can use these signs all over Europe and in other parts of the world as well. There will be no additional paperwork involved. You do not have to run around trying to get clearances from authorities. The CE certification means the product can be moved throughout Europe with ease. The UL certification also certifies that the product is of the best quality. All our products at VMSMaster comes with UL and CE markings.

How Effective Speed Signs Work:

If you are investing in a Radar Speed Display then you want it to avert accidents. In order to do that, the driver of a speeding vehicle must be able to see the sign from a long distance so that they have enough time to apply the brakes and slow down. This requires greater and distant visibility. Your speed signs are available in colours like Red and Amber which makes it visible from a long distance, making it ideal to be used in all locations. The better visibility is retained in low light conditions such as at night also.


So if you are in charge of a school or live close to a busy intersection then to ensure the safety of everyone around you, invest in a speed display board from VMSMaster. It is not only efficient but energy saving as well. You can get reliable and accurate performance from these speed boards with real time speed readings and display. There are speed signs with data analysis features as well and all the signs are pretty affordable. You do not have to worry about the radar speed sign prices as all of these fall in the affordable range.


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Portable Series

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Digit Size9”/12″9”/12″/15″15″/18”/24″9”/12”/15″/18”
Alert MessagesYesYesYesYes
Ideal for Speed Limits5-30 MPH5-40 MPH40-75 MPH5-75 MPH
Mobile AppYesYesYesYes
Warranty2 Year2 Year2 Year2 Year
Energy EfficientYesYesYesYes
Theft ProofYesYesYesYes