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Solar Powered Variable Message Signs

You may have observed that solar powered variable message signs are now used extensively beside roads or highways. The main intention is to provide instruction to the passer-by. Now, if you want to know detailed features and specifications about solar powered variable message signs contact us.

At VMSMaster, we specialise in Radar signs and variable message displays. We have years of expertise in the field. We are dedicated towards customer satisfaction and provide an all-round solution for your variable message sign problems.

The features of Solar powered VMS

Not every place is suitable for traditional electric message signs; in that place solar powered variable message sign is mainly used. In solar powered variable message signs, LEDs are used as the main component. It consumes less energy because of LEDs and it entirely runs on solar power. Just one time setup cost is needed. When you choose us for solar VMS, we can guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with our Pricing and services.

Install variable message signs with ease

For installation of solar powered variable message signs there are no need of large electrical cables. It can save a large share of money from your investment. By using some short electrical cable solar powered variable message signs can be installed. It is mainly installed in those areas where traditional electricity lines are not available or a distant place from electric connection.

Some benefits of solar VMS are –

==> One time investment

==> Low maintenance

==> Environment friendly

==> Available in various specifications

==> Fit for use in all places

==> Great visibility

Uses of solar variable message signs

Solar powered variable message sign or solar vms signs are also used widely in many industry like traffic system control, transportation, municipal system. In traffic control system it can provide real time information to driver. It can also be used in car parking and access control.

Now-a-days solar DMS signs are also used to provide dynamic and real time information to the passer-by. Solar dynamic message signs can work in very harsh condition 24/7. For this, the usage of solar DMS has grown up. Portable variable message signs or portable vms can be used in - on spot driver education and coordination.

Features and specifications of solar VMS

Solar variable message sign comes with different kind of technical specifications, such as - it can be a full matrix area with highly efficient LEDs, it means that images as well as letters can appear in that board in different colour format. Solar powered message signs are smartly designed with different types of circuits and it runs on a microprocessor. The structures of these boards are mainly built with aluminium or steel and they are covered by poly carbonate.


With the number of cars increasing on roads, the variable message sign industry is also growing rapidly to keep pace with that.. At VMSMaster, we offer you a large collection of solar VMS with different technical specification. Now, if you need to install one, don’t hesitate contact us immediately.