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Organising Urban Roads since 2006

Traffic solutions

Photonplay's Speed Zone Warning Systems warn drivers that they are entering a speed zone or gone over the speed limit. Radar Sign® Highway Series Reduced Speed Limit Ahead LED signs can flash 24/7 or at programmed times, and can also be vehicle-activated by radar. Radar Signs® Street Series Speed Limit LED signs can be used at the beginning of speed zones or within a speed zone where drivers often exceed the posted speed or where potential conflicts (pedestrians, children, etc.) exist. Dynamic, Driver Feedback signs are also available, that display the speed of oncoming vehicles and optionally flash border LEDs based on radar-detected speeds.

Photonplay is committed to providing earth-friendly technologies that reduce injuries and fatalities by alerting drivers to speed zones. Check out Photonplay's robust solutions, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how we can make your streets safer!